Are you a "rockstar" girl?

Matilda Blom - -      Hi people, this is a little poll to see if you're a rockstar or a cute girl:
1. In the middle of a party, the starp of your dress mis-seaming. You:
a) Ties one strap in the other and ok, no problems!
b)Curses the saleswoman untill you cannot anymore.                             
c) Call your mother, so she can take you home.

2. Your parents are with no money and, because of it, you can't travel with your calssmates.What's the sollution?
a) Make a pajama party in your home, a day before the traveling, so you can be a little close of your friends.
b) Don't talk with your parents anymore.
c) Try to convince them changing theyr minds.
Loco Por Eiza!

3. The mission of your your hairdresser is making light hightlights, but he made a mistake, and the hightlights are red! Now...
a) After the shock, you sees the chanding as a positive thing.
b) Threat processing the salon.
c) Put another toner to ease your haircolor.

4. You are going to dress up, so:
a) Like to mix styles, but respecting yours.
b) Copy the looks of celebrities and love wen someone syas you're fashion.
c) Just dare in acessories, because you prefere basic looks.
- Results -
Most A: You have atitude of a rockstar: avoids get hot with the other thinking, respecting your own choices. If you were going tomake a rock show, probably will raze!

Most B: You have a strong personality, Just be careful to not exaggerate with the rockstar temperament. Relax and invest in your cute side.

Most C: You really care about the other thinking, and sometimes, want to hide your cute side. Don't be ashamedof it! A girl can be sweet and rock at the same time!

Kisses & Bye

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