Rock Balad!

    Hey guys! Now we're going to post about rocker clothes.

Everything Together!

Mix everything is very cool! Income clotes, with transparent effect, is light and it's very great with other heavy clothes, like jeans, leggings, and hight spout sneakers. We think mix styles is very cool.

Precious Metal!
Tacks can be used in every kind of style. In acessories - like belts, bags, shoes - in jeans and short dresses. Play with the patterns and textures: the handbag wallet in a strong color is amazing with a striped T-shirt or leopard shirts.

Groupie Girl!
The rock bands T-shirts are amazing and makes your look super funny. When it's larger and male, better! Weare with leather pants and colets. On the foot, little boots are perfect!

Rock Glam!
From plush to jeand or even false leather, the colets are the best option for the winter! Make overlays with T-shirts and regattas.

     So, what's your style?
Kisses & Bye

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